Monday, 5 September 2016

Two Galleria Kakku hunts until end of September, 2016

Galleria Kakku is currently participating in TWO hunts, which are running until end of September, 2016.

We are doing the wonderful Historical Hunts Gridwide Renaissance Hunt V1.
Pieni did the official ! TRH6 hunt gift and a gift for the historic hunts mini hunt. Check the links for information.

Here are images of the prizes.

Grid wide:


We also did our own mini hunt on the side of the Gridwide Renaissance one. Ours is the first trial run of doing mini hunts during grid wide ones that allow it in their rules. Some different rules may occur, but plenty of fun is for certain! (This time in theme we had Renaissance in general, while the Grid Wide hunt was concentrated on Shakespeare).

Here is the mini hunt flag. Nearby you will find all the information you need. This is also what you will look for in our mini hunt, but in very small size.

Silas Merlin did an amazing original angel sculpture!

And our new artist Jessi/MC made an original piece of wall art.

(Thank you so much Silas and Jessi! Other artists will get the chance to participate next time, this was very last minute due to Pieni having real life complications and this being our first trial run).


(TRH6 HINT Item:) "He said Be Great in Act As You Have Been In Thought". There is a gargoyle on the floor as a guide for direction and you are looking for a small gargoyle statue that looks like the hint one by their big sign at our landing.

(Galleria Kakku Mini hunt 1). "I think Shakespeare liked sending letters as much as Silas likes receiving them".
Galleria Kakku Mini hunt 2). "Jessi loves stories and Shakespeare wrote several that got bound in books".

A special hint since our gallery is big: Please remember to check the little signs telling you about our mini hunt artists for information on where to find their booth and what they are like as artists.

Reminder: Special exhibit by Theda Tammas at Galleria Kakku, Luna Soliel, until end of September, 2016.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

30th of July, 2016: Theda Tammas: Dancing with Spirits exhibit opening with Samm Qendra: pictures

30th of July, 2016: Theda Tammas: Dancing with Spirits exhibit opening had a great turn out. We had Samm Qendra singing live and everyone loved the music and the art. Thank you so much everyone who came! You can visit the exhibit any time for the next two months, until end of September. Theda's art is also featured at Galleria Kakku main gallery.