Monday, 30 May 2016

Art Walk post 9: Tomais Ashdene, Dizzy Sparrow, Lingsais Airy

Our famous group of Raglan Shire Clockhouse raccoons are guarding the artworks of Tomais Ashdene at Art Walk. His beautiful Second Life photography has really enthralled people ever since he started. He is one of the Galleria Kakku featured artists.

Dizzy Sparrow has her lovely works by her store Doolally.

And one more pick from the Clockhouse: Lingsais Airy. He is the owner of Mad Hats at Tiny Outpost and landscaped a really cool enchanted forest there, as well, which would be great for photos.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Theda Tammas featured in "Surreal" exhibit at DaphneArts Gallery

Theda Tammas is featured in another great group exhibit: Surrealism curated by SheldonBR and Angelika Corral, May/June 2016, at DaphneArts Gallery. Picture taken during opening on 29th of May, 2016.

See her works also at Galleria Kakku.

Art Walk post 8: Maymay Matova, Miss Longtail, Izo Ryba, Pieni

Here are some works I found at the Barrel House for Art Walk.

Maymay's art is famous among tinies and beginning to become so among the SL art scene in general. Her happy drawings of little critters, nature and farm life make people want to fill their houses with them. I know this for a fact, as I did it at mine, and have seen several people do it. Some of her works are by her store.

She also has a spot in the hedge maze below, by a big cactus with pink flowers. Make sure to pick up her art in some real life products as well.

I sneaked in and put a few works next to hers in the Barrel House. The purple cat is a donation item to help Bri become the great teacher she is destined to be.

Miss Longtail is a great visual artist, as well as a Live Singer. She is also a popular dinkie designer. I love her unique drawing style and she has great taste in everything from how to decorate her studio to using her art in real life products. Her art is close to the bridge to Windmill house.

Last but not least, Izo Ryba did some really fun portraits of her tiny friends. She is a well known talented designer of tiny items, especially those of Japanese nature.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Art Walk Post 6: Suzume Zuki, Petunia Liveoak, Daisy The Gator

Art Walk runs until June 19th, 2016. Super talented tiny Suzume Zuki has her art by the giraffes in the hedge maze.

Make sure to catch her exhibit at Raglan Tree Gallery until end of May! Her store for tinies and dinkies and is at Raglan Commons.

Petunia Liveoak has been exhibiting at Galleria Kakku since 2015 and her art is also by the giraffes at Art Walk. As an artist this puppy is very unique and skillful.

The giraffes really are surrounded by great stuff. Here I found one more Galleria Kakku artist Daisy The Gator, whose art is always sure to cheer you up. She is also a writer and a designer.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Art Walk post 5: Mimsie, ArtWolf Eternal, Bear Silvershade, Derry McMahon

Mimsie is a dinkie fashion and furniture designer and a talented real life illustrator. Her captivating images are a new addition to Galleria Kakku. She added her works at Art Walk a bit late, next to where Kimly Crystal's are on the exterior wall of the Theatre, left of the doorway.

Under the Theatre platform to the right, below the works of Kayly Iali, you will find those of ArtWolf Eternal. More of her art can be seen at Art Gallery Route 7, where you can also find the Visual Disability Info Hall.

Derry McMahon and Bear Silvershade have their Art Walk spot by the tree trunk entrance to Raglan Studios. Their works are often found side by side, as you can see at Galleria Kakku or might remember from my blog post about the exhibit they did at Holly Kai Art Garden.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Art Walk post Nr 4: Sculptures by Silas Merlin, Kicca Igaly, Nessuno Myoo

Silas Merlin has his sculptures up at Art Walk. I failed to mention this in the previous blog post. His piece called "Artist in a bubble" is available at Galleria Kakku, as well.

Kicca Igaly has been in SL since 2007, and I found her piece Soap Bubbles very interesting and clever. You could take pictures of it for quite a while and get very different looks. She has her own gallery in connection with those of Desy Magic and Nessuno Myoo, whose work is next to hers at Heron Shire.

These three galleries definitely deserve a closer, more detailed, look.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Third post about our Galleria Kakku artists featured at Art Walk: Silas Merlin and Uleria Caramel

This is the third post about our Galleria Kakku artists featured at Art Walk 2016. Two different artists on the same platform high up.

Silas Merlin has his own gallery at New Babbage and makes both 2D and 3D art. You definitely need to see his sculptures as well as his paintings. His works are amazing lifelike views into every day moments elevated by his appreciative eye. The selection he has at art walk also includes some of his clever fantasy themed images.

Uleria Caramel is showcasing some of her coal drawings, digital art and digital photo art both from last year and this one. She is offering a free gift by her info sign. Her art is available on Marketplace and in several galleries around the grid. She recently donated an original piece for a good cause, as you may remember from the blog post.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Second post about Art Walk: Kimly Crystal, Kayly Iali, Etherea Parrott, RedGoddess

(Art Walk 2016 post 1 here).

I have to start my second post about Art Walk with a personal note. I absolutely adore the work Kimly Crystal did. These images are full of color, depth and imagination. And I am not just saying that because she is my SL sister and will tickle my footpaws. Neither do I say it just because she used me as a model. I did love getting my fancy art gallery owner mustache in the close up. Her art is by the Theatre doorway on left.

Kayly Iali's works are to the right of the theatre door, towards the back, on the exterior wall. Her watercolors and calligraphy are excellent. As you know she is a trained artist, showcasing in real life as well as in SL, and owns Gallery 24 at Avalon. I wrote a profile on her some time ago, as she is one of the artists of Galleria Kakku. I love her ability to show how special every day things and moments can be.

I always knew Etheria Parrott was a multitalented person. She was an important part of the team who built the new Raglan Shire sim and is well known for creating the dinkies. But I had not realised how amazing she is as a painter. Her works are between Kimly's and Kayly's on two levels.

I happened to see RedGoddess setting up her art, and we had a nice chat. We had met before at one of the readings at her gallery. Make sure to check out her works on one of the upper platforms. Also visit Gallery Rouge and SpeakEasy, where they have open mic poetry and story readings every Sunday at 11am SLT.

Do you know how to get around in Raglan Shire? Apart from the popular Art Walk feature, the caterpillar, you can use the slingshot. Just sit on it and click your destination in the menu that pops up. There are slingshots everywhere on the sim.

You can of course use the tour acorn as well, if it stops by near you.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Eleseren Brianna at Art Walk and LEA9

Event information before we get to the main blog post:
Original Story by Eleseren Brianna
(The Cold Shot Players)
Today Sunday, May 15th, 3pm SLT
at the Storytellers' Sandbox, LEA9
Seanchai Library "Crazy Eight" ~ Arena

I decided to do a series of blog posts from Art Walk 2016, having seen so many of our Galleria Kakku artists there.

We start off with Eleseren Brianna, whose fashion photographs are striking. No wonder, as she has degrees for, and has worked as, an illustrator and a Couture Designer Dressmaker in real life. She used to own Romance Couture in Second Life and now works as a COO and a fashion contributor for Windlight Magazine. I did see some other subjects from her as well. She is definitely a great artist, and has experience from the Inworldz art scene before branching out in Second Life.

Her art is on one of the platforms up in the air, near Johannes1977, also one of our very own talents. I wrote a profile on him a while back in this blog.

Use the painter's palette to get a lift to higher levels
Or tour with the caterpillar (click call box or hop on when you see one).

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Red Nose Charity event with live music, dj's and art for great cause!

The Red Nose Charity Event (May 14th, 11 am - 5 pm SLT) is now open. This is the finale event of months of work by Kimly Crystal. She is collecting money for CliniClowns, a Dutch charity that helps sick children. She is doing a lot for the same cause in real life, all in memory of her rl baby daughter.

Come see the awesome performers, dance, honk some clown noses, and buy fantastic art. Uleria Caramel and Instincta Van Helsinki (of Valaskala LEA19 fame) donated beautiful pieces of art for the cause! You may be aware that they both are featured at Galleria Kakku. And I saw Uleria's art at Art Walk, too!