Saturday, 30 January 2016

More about Maymay Matova

As it is the last weekend of her special exhibit at Galleria Kakku, I decided to tell you all more about Maymay Matova.

Maymay is known as the creative force behind Maycreations, which makes items for regular avatars, tinies, dinkies and petites. These well fitting, good looking items are a must for anyone who likes biker type fashions, or any fashions really.

But this lady is busy with another great project as well. Her art! Real life drawings of a magical world of her own creation are taking over the art world. Especially the hearts and minds of anyone who loves cute and colorful things. I have been swapping stories with other fans about how taking home a piece by Maymay is making us happy. She even has her art on clothing now.

I just visited her new art studio at her Art Island. She has redecorated the island and it looks fantastic. I first went there looking for the painting of her and our friend Butter, in which Butter is cutting her hair after a long winter hibernation. Yes Maymay is part of the tiny culture, and that shows in her work. Some of the best gifts I have ever been given were paintings of me and a friend she did as a commission.

You can probably tell Maymay is a close friend of mine. But her art transcends any one community or culture, as does her personality. She is a German gorgeous woman, tiny bear, great friend and a very talented artist. You should come see her in our new location after this exhibit ends January 31st. (Yes we are moving, more on that, soon!)

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  1. I love Maymay's work, I have several of her paintings now, and Pieni is right: Maymay's world is magical.