Friday, 18 March 2016

Artist Profile: Johannes1977

Johannes1977 is a well known artist, publisher and curator in Second Life. Combining black and white photography with sepia and a few other choice colors he has created a trademark vintage look for his artwork. See his Flickr photostream here.

Having showcased his own art in several galleries and other locations over the years, Johannes 1977 runs the Creations Art Gallery as well. Housing some big names of the virtual art world, this gallery is definitely an important one.

Creations Art Gallery
Johannes1977 at Creations Art Gallery
Past exhibits include a LEA show called Seasons of Life, which can still be found on the LEA blog. There was "The German Collection" at Holly Kai Art Park in 2015 - curated by Inara Pey, "Scenes from a War" at The Rose Art Gallery in 2015 - curated by Shakti Adored, and many others.

Johannes1977 has also had exhibits during big events, for example "Kandis' Dance" special exhibition at One Billion Rising 2016, SL12B "Life is a Dream" Exhibition, 2015 Burn 2 Primordial and Santalarity events, 2015 Raglanshire Artwalk and various photos at Art in the Park.

Johannes1977 at Virtual Chelsea
The current exhibit at Virtual Chelsea features a few pieces from the Fallscapes series and one of my (Pieni's) favorites: "The Marshes Roanoke Lighthouse".

Johannes1977 at Galleria Kakku
Make sure to check out Johannes1977's booth at Galleria Kakku.

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  1. Thanks for the profile of me on your site, it is much appreciated!