Friday, 18 March 2016

Valaskala, a sound installation

Here is a Linden Endowment for the Arts exhibit I recommend you see and hear. Valaskala, a sound installation by Instincta & Stem van Helsinki, March 13th - June 30th, 2016, takes you to a distorted space and time in a unique way.

While star traveling across the constellation of Cetus and it's aquatic neighbors, you get to enjoy the symphony.

Our blog intern Minie sent in this picture

Fly, run, walk, teleport.

Make sure you have sounds and visuals on the righ way

Instincta and Stem are a Finnish artist couple you might know for their installations over the years. They own and run VALO gallery, which they started in 2013. And for Galleria Kakku visitors wishing to see their work, I have the Jatulinkivi sculpture by Instincta in the courtyard.

Thanks for the pictures to Instincta and Minie!

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