Sunday, 5 June 2016

Book Launch Party of Daisy The Gator 11am today and exhibit by Orsini Tarantal

First I want to recommend a book launch event today Sunday 5th of June, 11 am SLT, at Raglan Shire Studios. Our very own Daisy The Gator has had her writings in several countries in anthologies and online collections, as well as self published her stories, one of which was an Amazon Kindle Short Read Best Seller.

Today we celebrate the launch of her new book: Daisy Gator's Little Book of Remarkable Persons, which consists of eight short stories of speculative fiction. G-rated sim. Everyone is invited.

As you may know from her booth at Galleria Kakku, her own store and her spot at Art Walk, Daisy is a popular artist in Second Life.

Secondly, I was recommended this exhibit recently.
"Almost all the paintings: watercolors, acrylics, drawings and oil paintings belong to a particular time of the author's life.
  A journey that begins in darkness (shipwrecks) and ends in the light (ports)
What better place for a long journey to the vast and open sea, always looking for the lighthouse to illuminate the way and bring us to nuesro destination?
Storms, shipwrecks, lighthouses, ports and cities are the memories of this trip, always in search of that place where nail roots, where land is strong and secure, where you can relax at the end ..."
Javier (Orsini Tarantal )
The exhibit of Javier (Orsini Tarantal) at the Oller Belair Art Gallery is a fantastic showcase of beautiful paintings by a professional artist. The same artist also builds museum grade large scale historic sailing ship models. You can see the model building skill enrichening the artworks in the attention to detail and understanding of the subject.

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