Monday, 13 June 2016

New exhibit at Oller Belair Art Gallery by Pencarrow Oller

Pencarrow Oller has a new exhibit at Oller Belair Art Gallery, where she exhibits exclusively. She is a real life artist, who is practicing owning a gallery in Second Life to get ideas for her future plans to own one in real life. She seems to have a real appreciation and love for art: "When I paint I feel joy.  Painting connects me to the joy of living.  When I finish painting I am more often than not elated not just because I have finished but because I lived."

Rosa Philosophorum is her third exhibit in Second Life. The name is "a very small nod to the Rosarium philosophorum - The Rosary of the Philosophers, a treatise the name of which refers to a 'rose garden' metaphoric of an anthology of wise sayings.  Rosa Philosopher refers to the people who provided me with wonderful feedback on my first exhibition", according to Oller.

Oller is interested in how others perceive her art and how it affects them. This is a collection of 12 paintings, which are "directly related to their personal visual perception which I was able to assimilate a little but gain much.  The challenges presented were in essence technical".

Oller Belair Art Gallery also has a "sculpture park", where Pencarrow Oller is showcasing 8 sculptures that according to the artist "are exercises in understanding design, construction and rhythm". "I'm very interested in the idea of rhythm in both painting and sculpture. You will recognise homage paid to Calder, Nevelson and others", she continues.

In addition to this showcasing, there is a real life guest artist for June: Orsini Tarantal, whom I blogged about recently, and a permanent exhibitor Jaime Poutine.

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