Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Veljkissa / Brother cat - The Shared Adventure 2016 at SL13B

I really recommend this new project by Instincta Van Helsinki at SL13B. The festival opens June 19th at SL noon. I was lucky to assist Instincta in the project as a location and prop manager and costume designer, so I saw the whole creative process. There is the quality and style you would expect from her, with a lot of feeling and thought put into the story the piece tells. The sounds were by Stem Van Helsinki, whom she has done many previous projects with.

Veljkissa / Brother cat - The Shared Adventure 2016 is about love:
"Welcome to the fountain of memories. This is a Story about undying love.
When someone you have a deep affection for becomes a memory, that memory will be your treasure.
That's what happened to our little guy, who never imagined his brother would be so far away.  But he knows that they will meet again in Nangijala or some other place". 

Instincta owns and runs the Valo gallery with Stem.

She also has a booth at Galleria Kakku and a sculpture on our courtyard. If you have not visited yet, now is the time!

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