Thursday, 9 June 2016

Suzume Zuki, Kayly Iali and Silas Merlin featured at Small World Art Gallery

Suzume Zuki recently joined Galleria Kakku and is now showcasing at a new gallery as well! She sent me the landmark and soon as I had a free moment I hopped over for a look. You may know her works from Art Walk, and her recent exhibit at Raglan Shire Tree Gallery. She has a gallery of her own by her store in Raglan Commons.

This new showcase of hers will not disappoint. I was glad to see such a sizable selection of her works.

Small World Art Gallery is owned and curated by Mikey Jefford. It had it's official opening on June 4th, 2016. There is plenty of space on land level and in the sky. You can find both 2D and 3D works of art.

The gallery has been already blogged by two big art bloggers Ziki Questi and Inara Pey, Questi being one of the featured artists herself.

I did find some other familiar names, too. Silas Merlin has a beautiful location for his art with a view out to the garden from one window and towards the sea from another. A new selection of his works always brings pleasant surprises. You can find both his sculptures and paintings here.

The industrial look of the gallery building really makes the earthy colors of the paintings by Kayly Iali pop. Plenty of light to show all the every day treasures she makes so inviting for us. She is constantly producing new works and I recommend you follow her real life blog to keep up to date.

Make sure to visit both the landlevel and the skybox galleries. And look around as some of the sculptures are on the grounds and around the public spaces.

(adult sim)

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