Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Art Walk Post 6: Suzume Zuki, Petunia Liveoak, Daisy The Gator

Art Walk runs until June 19th, 2016. Super talented tiny Suzume Zuki has her art by the giraffes in the hedge maze.

Make sure to catch her exhibit at Raglan Tree Gallery until end of May! Her store for tinies and dinkies and is at Raglan Commons.

Petunia Liveoak has been exhibiting at Galleria Kakku since 2015 and her art is also by the giraffes at Art Walk. As an artist this puppy is very unique and skillful.

The giraffes really are surrounded by great stuff. Here I found one more Galleria Kakku artist Daisy The Gator, whose art is always sure to cheer you up. She is also a writer and a designer.

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  1. Suzume is Awesome! You can also find her art at StarZ Art Corner and at Small World Arts Gallery! Beautiful stuff! Great Article!