Monday, 16 May 2016

Second post about Art Walk: Kimly Crystal, Kayly Iali, Etherea Parrott, RedGoddess

(Art Walk 2016 post 1 here).

I have to start my second post about Art Walk with a personal note. I absolutely adore the work Kimly Crystal did. These images are full of color, depth and imagination. And I am not just saying that because she is my SL sister and will tickle my footpaws. Neither do I say it just because she used me as a model. I did love getting my fancy art gallery owner mustache in the close up. Her art is by the Theatre doorway on left.

Kayly Iali's works are to the right of the theatre door, towards the back, on the exterior wall. Her watercolors and calligraphy are excellent. As you know she is a trained artist, showcasing in real life as well as in SL, and owns Gallery 24 at Avalon. I wrote a profile on her some time ago, as she is one of the artists of Galleria Kakku. I love her ability to show how special every day things and moments can be.

I always knew Etheria Parrott was a multitalented person. She was an important part of the team who built the new Raglan Shire sim and is well known for creating the dinkies. But I had not realised how amazing she is as a painter. Her works are between Kimly's and Kayly's on two levels.

I happened to see RedGoddess setting up her art, and we had a nice chat. We had met before at one of the readings at her gallery. Make sure to check out her works on one of the upper platforms. Also visit Gallery Rouge and SpeakEasy, where they have open mic poetry and story readings every Sunday at 11am SLT.

Do you know how to get around in Raglan Shire? Apart from the popular Art Walk feature, the caterpillar, you can use the slingshot. Just sit on it and click your destination in the menu that pops up. There are slingshots everywhere on the sim.

You can of course use the tour acorn as well, if it stops by near you.

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