Sunday, 15 May 2016

Eleseren Brianna at Art Walk and LEA9

Event information before we get to the main blog post:
Original Story by Eleseren Brianna
(The Cold Shot Players)
Today Sunday, May 15th, 3pm SLT
at the Storytellers' Sandbox, LEA9
Seanchai Library "Crazy Eight" ~ Arena

I decided to do a series of blog posts from Art Walk 2016, having seen so many of our Galleria Kakku artists there.

We start off with Eleseren Brianna, whose fashion photographs are striking. No wonder, as she has degrees for, and has worked as, an illustrator and a Couture Designer Dressmaker in real life. She used to own Romance Couture in Second Life and now works as a COO and a fashion contributor for Windlight Magazine. I did see some other subjects from her as well. She is definitely a great artist, and has experience from the Inworldz art scene before branching out in Second Life.

Her art is on one of the platforms up in the air, near Johannes1977, also one of our very own talents. I wrote a profile on him a while back in this blog.

Use the painter's palette to get a lift to higher levels
Or tour with the caterpillar (click call box or hop on when you see one).

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  1. Well done, Pieni. Very nice photos! You captured the extend of this major event, Raglan Shire Artwalk 2016