Sunday, 29 May 2016

Art Walk post 8: Maymay Matova, Miss Longtail, Izo Ryba, Pieni

Here are some works I found at the Barrel House for Art Walk.

Maymay's art is famous among tinies and beginning to become so among the SL art scene in general. Her happy drawings of little critters, nature and farm life make people want to fill their houses with them. I know this for a fact, as I did it at mine, and have seen several people do it. Some of her works are by her store.

She also has a spot in the hedge maze below, by a big cactus with pink flowers. Make sure to pick up her art in some real life products as well.

I sneaked in and put a few works next to hers in the Barrel House. The purple cat is a donation item to help Bri become the great teacher she is destined to be.

Miss Longtail is a great visual artist, as well as a Live Singer. She is also a popular dinkie designer. I love her unique drawing style and she has great taste in everything from how to decorate her studio to using her art in real life products. Her art is close to the bridge to Windmill house.

Last but not least, Izo Ryba did some really fun portraits of her tiny friends. She is a well known talented designer of tiny items, especially those of Japanese nature.

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