Saturday, 21 May 2016

Art Walk post 5: Mimsie, ArtWolf Eternal, Bear Silvershade, Derry McMahon

Mimsie is a dinkie fashion and furniture designer and a talented real life illustrator. Her captivating images are a new addition to Galleria Kakku. She added her works at Art Walk a bit late, next to where Kimly Crystal's are on the exterior wall of the Theatre, left of the doorway.

Under the Theatre platform to the right, below the works of Kayly Iali, you will find those of ArtWolf Eternal. More of her art can be seen at Art Gallery Route 7, where you can also find the Visual Disability Info Hall.

Derry McMahon and Bear Silvershade have their Art Walk spot by the tree trunk entrance to Raglan Studios. Their works are often found side by side, as you can see at Galleria Kakku or might remember from my blog post about the exhibit they did at Holly Kai Art Garden.

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